Accounting Services for Non-Profits

Having to answer to donors, oversight agencies, and the people they serve, not-for-profit organizations are charged with the difficult responsibility of managing the cost of their internal operations along with the expectations of the public and members of their community.

Novak | Costello understands the unique challenges involved in this balancing act. We provide specialized audit, tax, and consulting services so our clients can fulfill their mission to serve without overlooking the financial side of their organization.

Most notably, Novak | Costello helps not-for-profit clients obtain or maintain their tax exempt status. We understand the obligations of mandatory reporting and work diligently to assist clients with compliance requirements, including comprehensive tax planning and financial statement audits.

Our not-for-profit accountants are highly knowledgeable in the IRS-mandated Form 990, as well as performing audits that comply with OMB Circular A-133 regulations.

Novak | Costello knows your audited financial statement is an influential platform when approaching donors and funding agencies for financial backing. Our firm can not only report information in the audit, but present it in a manner that makes it accessible to potential contributors as well as members of your organization. From that data, our partners can subsequently help you make informed decisions, develop strategies, and improve financial and operational processes.

In addition, Novak | Costello can provide accounting and tax outsourcing services to alleviate the demands involved in those processes so that your organization has more time to administer to the people it strives to help. We can also help you assess your technology functions, investment approach and strategy, and real estate needs to determine what works most effectively in your organization.

Novak | Costello works with a variety of tax exempt organizations, including:

  • Arts and cultural institutions
  • Private foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Social services agencies

Novak | Costello is sincere in developing a fully-integrated partnership with our clients. As a result, clients not only rely on us for sound financial and business advice, but work with us in tandem to streamline processes, cut costs, optimize assets, strategically plan for the future, and genuinely ensure that the organization sees its vision come to fruition.

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