Accounting Services for Professional Services Firms

Knowing first-hand the financial and operational opportunities and challenges faced by our clients in the professional services industry, Novak | Costello is fully equipped to benefit your law firm, medical practice, or consulting firm with practical advice and exceptional service.

We have forged strong relationships with many professional services clients, including attorneys, physician practices, architects, engineering firms, and consulting firms.

Novak | Costello understands that the climate surrounding the professional services industry has changed dramatically. Clients are savvier, demanding more value for their money; competition now includes web-based services in addition to local firms; and new fee options may be adopted in lieu of the traditional hourly billing arrangements.

All of these issues confronting professional services firms today add to the complexity of accounting matters and our clients’ pivotal cash-flow stream. Novak | Costello provides expert analysis in time and expense capture, integrated billing and accounting, billing arrangement options, electronic billing, and compensation reporting.

Keeping the day-to-day books is only part of the process, however. Novak | Costello prepares balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow analysis. We also reconcile trust accounts and reports to establish a detailed track record for your auditing purposes. You will always know and be able to follow exactly where your internal business funds as well as any client funds are going.

By handling your accounting needs, our partners can help you thrive in the professional services market. Novak | Costello helps keep you on top of your financials, so you can focus on your core business and clientele. From cash-flow accounting to ownership succession planning, information security issues, statement audit preparation, and minimizing taxes, our partners thoroughly understand our clients’ needs by offering customized solutions that add to their success.

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