Accounting Services for Start Up Companies

Starting a company from the ground up doesn’t end when you hang your ‘open’ sign on the door or launch a new website. Novak | Costello knows that without a thorough grasp of their financial operations, many entrepreneurs do not survive, or are unable to attract crucial financing. A thorough understanding of the funds use within your firm involves more than talking to your accountant at tax time.

Numbers tell a story. Through candid discussions, Novak | Costello’s accounting services for start up companies help entrepreneurs and investors decide on cash or accrual methods of accounting, prepare tax forms and financial reports, and develop strategies that align with company objectives.

Entrepreneurs often like to make decisions using their intuition, yet accounting, financial reporting and taxes are some of most important aspects of starting and operating a successful business model. Novak | Costello understands and adapts to this inherent challenge.

Valuing our clients’ business instincts, we work in unison with them to integrate an accounting perspective that evaluates margins and cash flows while simultaneously accomplishing their business goals. Our in-depth analysis helps our clients determine their financial prospects and the critical factors that will affect their profitability and ability to operate over time.

Novak | Costello also offers tailored tax solutions to business owners that meet their unique needs and surmount initial tax obstacles. We advise on entity selection, stock option planning, operating agreement structuring, state and local tax credit opportunities, and filing considerations of IRC Section 83(b).

The reality is that entrepreneurs cannot solely manage all the tasks and reporting obligations that are in support of their core business. Novak | Costello provides both bookkeeping support and accounting services to emergent companies, enabling owners to focus on what grows their customer base and produces revenues.

From your enterprise’s early stages to fine-tuning the necessary changes to adapt to new business models, our partners can provide appropriate accounting and business guidance to steer your business in the right direction—forward.

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